Exclusive Course Teaches Clear Steps From World Class Dietitians
A Revolutionary Food Plan For Women With PCOS
Get access to an easy-to-follow, step by step guide with Indian recipes, and enter a 30- day challenge with other women who are fighting PCOS with you. All for just ₹349.
Available on Nov 15, 2019 - only if you pre-book now. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
What's in the course?
Its an easy-to-follow, step by step food guide for you to switch to PCOS-fighting ingredients. The course is specifically made with Indian women in mind, so you will find recipes and food charts for the Indian taste palette. The course also includes access to our online community where you can talk to other women with PCOS and start a 30 day recovery challenge. Our goal is to help you fight PCOS and take charge of your life.
Will this help me cure my PCOS?
PCOS like any other lifestyle disorder, can be greatly controlled with balanced food and a healthier lifestyle. We help you with what to eat and we give you easy hacks to follow for bettering your physical fitness like power yoga, 15 minute walk, etc. The effects of a special PCOS-tackling food plan has an extraordinary effect on your body. You will never be the same.
When does the course become available?
The course goes live on November 15, 2019 and it will only be available for those who pre-book their slot using the form above.
How much does it cost?
The course costs ₹349 only.
What's the 30 day challenge?
When you start the 30 day challenge, you will be competing with the rest of the women in our online PCOS community. This is to ensure we have a fun environment, where you are not alone in your journey to weight loss, better skin and regular cycles. It is a great opportunity to inspire each other with our stories, progress and friendship. You don't need to start your 30 day challenge right away, you're free to pick the month where you'll be most comfortable doing the challenge.
Are there vegetarian recipes?
Yes, there will be plenty of vegetarian options, along with options for those who don't mind taking eggs. We have something for everyone.
Will the recipe ingredients be expensive?
This course was built with the idea that the nothing should be out of reach for regular women. All ingredients are easily accessible, you could get them from local stores and supermarkets. And its also very affordable for regular Indian families.
Why only 100 slots left?
Most slots are already taken during our events. We've allocated limited slots for our online customers so we could pay individual attention and make their experience better.
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